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About FET

Established in 2008, the Food Education Trust seeks to promote the benefits of a home cooked diet by working collaboratively with organisations and institutions, whether by way of financial assistance, investment of time and expertise, or assistance in an advisory capacity. The Food Education Trust is funded by the proceeds from sales of “What’s for Dinner?” and “What’s for Dinner? Second Helpings” by Romilla Arber.

The Food Education Trust seeks to make change through education, sowing the seeds of knowledge in children’s minds so that home cooking can become the norm to them and with adults, showing them that with a little knowledge and some confidence it is possible to produce home cooked food regularly without the need to resort to ready meals and processed food.

The Food Education Trust welcomes applications from all sectors of the community and society either to work collaboratively with organisations and institutions by way of financial assistance, investment of time and expertise or assistance in an advisory capacity.

Romilla Arber founded the Food Education Trust in 2008, using the proceeds from the sales of her cookbooks to help children and young adults to learn about cooking and food. Romilla firmly believes that a good, balanced, home cooked diet is vital for our health and well-being. She wants home cooking to become the norm again in households and for our nation’s love affair with ready meals and processed food to come to an end. Romilla Arber trained and worked as a solicitor until 2000 when she was pregnant with her third child, deciding that it was too difficult to balance a job that required a lot of commitment and time with her desire to be at home with her young family. She lives in Hampshire with her husband and four children, spending time promoting her books and working for the Food Education Trust.

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