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Cookery Writer and Mum of Four, Romilla Arber, Declined Publishing Deals, Yet Wins First Place in the "Best Easy Recipes Book" Category of The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

January 2015

The Gourmand International Cookbook Awards are the “Oscars” of the cookery writing world and little known author, Romilla Arber has triumphed with her book, What’s for Dinner? Second Helpings that has won first place in the category of “Best Easy Recipes Cookbook” for the UK. Romilla Arber, is neither a celebrity nor a trained chef but a mother of four. Romilla had to self-publish the book, as no publisher was willing to take a risk with an unknown author. She has struggled to get major bookshop chains to even stock the book and to get national newspapers and magazines to review or cover it. Romilla hopes that the cookery world will now sit up and take notice of her writing.

“Cookery writing should not be the exclusive domain of celebrity chefs and ex-models and actresses. Others may have an interesting contribution to make. It is fantastic for me to be judged on my merits and not my background,” commented Romilla.

The awards are considered to be a good indicator for retailers of which cookbooks should sell well in the forthcoming year. The competition now enters the international arena, as Romilla hopes that What’s for Dinner? Second Helpings will win the global competition and become ‘Best in the World’ for its category at the final to be held in Paris in February 2013.

All proceeds from the sale or Romilla’s cookery book go into the Food Education Trust, a charity established by Romilla in 2008 to promote, through education, the benefits of a healthy, balanced, home cooked diet. What’s For Dinner? Second Helpings is the only cookbook in the UK where 100% of sale proceeds go directly to charity.