Food Education Trust

Provide The Family With A Better Diet and Save Money In 2012 By Making "What's for Dinner?" Your New Year Resolution

January 2015

A recent survey by the Government’s Change4Life campaign revealed that families who plan their weekly menus ahead and cook healthy meals from scratch can save an average family £29 per week. If endless planning, writing out recipes and following them sounds daunting and time consuming, it isn’t as Romilla Arber has done all the hard work for you and her kitchen essential “What’s for Dinner?” is the only cookbook you will need in 2012 to keep the New Year’s Resolution of feeding the family proper, healthy, home cooked meals each day.

As a mum of four, Romilla knows that writing out recipes each week to plan a variety of healthy meals for the family is a time consuming task. “What’s for Dinner?” addresses this issue and each week begins with a menu plan together with a shopping list – a quick check list for everything needed from freezer, store cupboard or fridge. Romilla has thoughtfully devised a recipe for each day of the year, as well as two weekly tea-time treats, using seasonal ingredients. Each recipe feeds two adults and four children and not only encourages people to cook in their home with confidence and rely less on convenience, pre-packaged meals but by using “What’s for Dinner?” a family can cook healthy, delicious meals from scratch for less than £100 per week (depending on which supermarket you choose). Public Health Minister Anne Milton said: “Some people might think that eating a balanced diet is more expensive but that does not have to be the case. If we plan ahead and make better choices we can save money too.”

As a nation, it is oh so easy to rely on convenience food. However, by doing this the UK’s next generation are not learning basic cookery skills from their parents and existing on a diet which largely consists of ready prepared meals full of additives, sugar and salt. Romilla Arber founded The Food Education Trust, a charity dedicated to equipping children and adults with basic cookery skills for life. The Food Education Trust is wholly funded by “What’s for Dinner?” and has raised over £10,000 to date and has provided much needed cookery equipment to schools, colleges and adult education centres in the UK.

Make “What’s for Dinner?” one New Year’s Resolution that you will keep! “What’s for Dinner?” is available at all good bookshops and online at