Food Education Trust

Three Years On And Going Strong: The Food Education Trust Dishes Out Over £10,000 To Get The Nation Cooking!

January 2015

Since it was established in 2008, by mum of four, Romilla Arber, The Food Education Trust has donated over £10,000 to primary schools and adult education centres in the UK! The charity has been working tirelessly to fulfil its aim of educating children and adults in the importance of a balanced diet and teaching them cooking skills for life. The children and adults that have benefitted from The Food Education Trust have learned the importance of healthy eating and how easy it is to make delicious food from scratch.

It is generally acknowledged that a deterioration of the nation’s diet has coincided with a rise in obesity and diet-related health issues. Cookery is no longer part of the national curriculum in primary schools, yet The Food Education Trust believes that education is a vital part of the solution to this problem. Many schools appreciate the importance of including cookery in their curriculum, but simply do not have the resources to do it.

In addition to funding the resources for cookery classed, the Food Education Trust has devised a programme for children, which ensures that they acquire as many useful skills as they can during their cooking sessions. This includes learning to follow recipes, learning about cooking terms, chopping, washing and preparing vegetables, so that children will gain cookery skills for life, enabling them to cook healthy nutritious meals.

The Food Education Trust is wholly funded by sales of founder, Romilla Arber’s cookery manual, “What’s for Dinner?”. “What’s for Dinner?” is unlike any other cookery book available in the UK as it features a time-saving shopping list for the week, along with a well thought out weekly menu comprised of seven meals, a Sunday pud and a tea-time treat for the family. It is designed to take the stress out of preparing fresh and delicious family meals on a daily basis and encourages people to cook meals from scratch.

With both “What’s For Dinner?” and The Food Education Trust it funds, Romilla’s aim is to encourage confidence in the kitchen, so that preparing and eating fresh nutritious meals becomes a way of life. In supporting the work of schools, The Food Education Trust hopes to teach children and adults the cooking skills that will set them up for a life of healthy eating.