Food Education Trust


The Food Education Trust ( is helping King Alfred’s Academy by providing the school with £1410 of brand new cookery equipment, thereby enhancing the Food Technology classes offered at the Academy by enabling pupils to be taught a wider range of cookery skills during their lessons. The Food Education Trust is an independent charity founded by cookery author, Romilla Arber and is funded wholly by sales of her cookery books “What’s for Dinner?” and the award-winning “What’s for Dinner? Second Helpings”. Since it was established in 2008, the charity has seen a substantial rise in applications due to the lack of funding available from the government and the reduction of school budgets.

Prior to the donation from the Food Education Trust pupils, especially those taking Food Technology as a GCSE, were limited as to what they could cook during their cookery lessons due to a lack of certain pieces of kitchen equipment. Very often students brought in additional key pieces of equipment from home to complete particular catering projects. "The new cookery equipment from The Food Education Trust has made my life easier knowing I have whole class sets to teach with. Occasionally, to support students I’ve brought some of my own bits in, or asked students to work in pairs. Planning the lessons and practical tasks is now so much easier, thanks to The Food Education Trust”, commented Jess Hardy, Food Technology Teacher at King Alfred’s Academy.

It’s not just the teachers who are thrilled with the donation from The Food Education Trust: "The new equipment arrived just before our exam and it made a big difference. It meant I didn’t have to bring anything in from home and it was new and good quality. It’s made a difference to our lessons as we have been able to complete lots of new and different practical tasks” enthused Year 10 pupil Hannah, who also commented “The new equipment has enabled us to do much more cooking.” Founder of the Food Education Trust, Romilla Arber commented “I founded The Food Education Trust in 2008 to promote the benefits of a home-cooked diet. By cooking meals from scratch using fresh ingredients children and adults are less likely to rely on processed and convenience foods which are detrimental to their diets. I believe cookery lessons should be compulsory in all schools as it is an essential life skill. By providing King Alfred’s Academy with much needed new cookery equipment, students are able to cook a wider range of recipes and gain much needed confidence in the kitchen.”

The Food Education Trust is funded entirely by sales of Romilla Arber’s cookery books “What’s for Dinner?” and the award-winning “What’s for Dinner? Second Helpings”; both are available to purchase in all good bookshops and online at

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